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Now, the real question: How does one make a social media plan?

A quick Google search will generate hundreds of templates for creating a social media plan. Since none of these are customized to your unique business goals and target audience, you should ignore every one of them. Hands down, the best approach to a social media plan is to build one from scratch that meets your needs. Too often, I see companies create Facebook and Twitter accounts, then make a few posts and quickly abandon the profiles. The digital tumbleweeds left behind are evidence of not only a lack of planning, but also a lack of investment in the success of this endeavor. If your Marketing team spent ten minutes making a couple social media profiles, you probably won’t be broken-hearted if those efforts fail. But take the time buy followers for twitter and start creating a social media plan, and I have a feeling you’ll care about the outcome. These are not the only tools in the social media tool belt. Maximize your social media investment by choosing platforms wisely. Find out where your customers are, and consider whether your type of business lends itself to a certain type of media. Examples: SlideShare, YouTube, Instagram, Quora – the list goes on and on!

Social Media Followers

Identify sources of rich content

Content is the catalyst for business benefits on the web but not all content is created equal. If your strategy is to establish a voice of authority (you should) and have an opportunity for massive reach, Facebook posts or LinkedIn updates probably aren’t going to cut it. You need something deeper. You need rich content. For most businesses, this means a blog, a podcast, a video series, or perhaps a combination. If you are a visually-oriented business like fashion or travel, Pinterest or Instagram might be options too, but generally to really create powerful content benefits, most businesses turn to a blog, podcast, or video. What might work best in your company culture? Behind every social media strategy there is a best place to buy twitter followerscontent strategy and a network strategy. Most companies “get” the content part but generally take a passive approach to building an audience. But this is crucial. Your content isn’t optimized to work for you unless it MOVES through the network, creating opportunities for awareness and engagement. You must ignite your content. Building your network must be strategic, purposeful, and continuous.

Define Your Value Proposition and Positioning

Figure out how you want to be positioned in the minds of your customers. Consider why your product is valuable to them and how are you different from your competitors. Think about the words and phrases you would like your customers to use to describe your products. Narrow the list down to six or seven. For SpreeWorks, buy real followers on twitter I decided on the phrases: “online store builder tool, create an online store in minutes, no technical skills required, and flat monthly rate.” Use these phrases consistently in all your communications – on your website, in your blog posts, in your social media interactions, and in your email marketing campaigns. People will start to recognize your positioning and immediately associate it with your business. They’ll also start to use these terms when searching for you online which will help improve your search engine rankings.