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Rise of the Digital Led Integrated Campaigns

Till recently Digital Display campaigns, Microsites, Social Media Management and Mainline Advertising were handled separately and mostly mainline would come up with a master campaign and digital would adapt. But in 2014 I’ve noticed that digital led campaigns are starting to be established around which other media channels are integrated. The idea in itself buy instagram likes is a digital idea with other media playing the supporting or amplification role. This I believe will increase In the year to come. Mobile is growing faster than any other digital subset medium. Its surprising that its taken this long for Mobile marketing to scale in India. 2015 will see Mobile innovations and branded apps stand out in campaigns. It will still not dominate digital but will become more significant than ever before.

Social Media

Data will be more accessible and powerful

Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions that make data analytics accessible and affordable for small and medium retailers. Swarm for instance, gives brick-and-mortar stores the ability to analyze foot traffic so they can make better decisions and tailor customer interactions. There’s also Collect, which gives merchants insights into the spending habits of their top customers, allowing them to send personalized rewards and offers. Vendors will continue to buy usa instagram likes develop and refine their solutions so they can provide the most accurate and insightful data in the fastest and most convenient ways possible.

Improve order fulfillment.

As the authors put it, the most successful retailers will be the ones that have “complete control of their value chain, from creation all the way to consumption.” Notable retailers that have proven this strategy include Apple, Ralph Lauren, and Trade Joe’s. Despite having higher prices, these retailers managed to achieve customer loyalty and profitability thanks to their efforts to have complete value chain control—a strategy that results in excellent products buy instagram likes from canada and customer experiences. Retailers will realize this in 2015, which is why we’ll likely see an increase in value chain initiatives, single product retail, and private label merchandise. Additionally, more retailers will get creative with how they fulfill orders and distribute products. Speed and convenience will become more important than ever, so merchants will come up with better and faster ways to get products into the hands of their customers.