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Integrating Social Media Into A Business Strategy

Business strategies are very serious things and take a lot of time and effort to create and implement, often utilising the skills of experienced professionals to ensure the strategy is well-rounded and will have a positive impact. Social media, on the other hand, can seem like a flippant and unprofessional platform – but this buy monthly instagram likes viewpoint is completely incorrect. Whilst social media can be used by anyone to share funny Vines or idle gossip, it can also be used to help give business strategies a wider reach. As the general public becomes better connected, so too should businesses. Social media is something every business leader and team manager should keep at the back of their mind as a useful tool to help achieve overall business goals. General business strategies should be clear (aka the end-goals should be explicitly stated); objective (they should address the issues that are there and work from identifiable problems, not subjective beliefs of what the company requires); and be inspiring, aiming to better the company for the good of customers and employees. So how does social media fit into this?

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Social media sales strategy

Every business is unique, but one thing that every business executive is most interested in is social media Return on Investment (ROI) – the impact of social media on sales. Since review sites are increasing constantly and search engines are used to aid purchasing decisions, the sales strategy is linked closely with Public Relation (PR) and Search Engine Optimisation. The focus of social media sales strategy is on buy likes and followers instagram identifying ‘social media advocates’ that essentially promote your product or service, as well as convincing customers to buy it. The more social media advocates you have for your business the larger your sales force is on social media and the higher the chances of converting social recommendations into sales.

Your Own Social Media Strategy

Would you like to start using social media to connect with your customers, but don’t know which tools to use or what to say? Have you begun using social media, but aren’t seeing the response you were hoping for? Or do you need guidance on how to expand your use of social media? If you’re on a tight budget, but need to understand buy 50 instagram likes how to create your own tailored strategy and develop a clear, prioritised action plan, then this course is for you. Presented by Suw Charman-Anderson, one of the UK’s social media pioneers, this course will teach you how to build a robust social media strategy to support your business goals, and give you the tools and understanding you need to assess your progress and to review your strategy.