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For recognizing that spending money can be social.

This peer-to-peer wallet app connects directly to a user’s bank account, letting them exchange payments with friends via a smartphone. It is free to use and pleasantly simple, and eliminates the awkward credit-card juggle that comes with splitting the dinner bill. Plus, Venmo has harnessed the social buy twitter accounts with followers element of spending money with its Venmo Newsfeed. Users don’t have to make transactions public, but the vast majority do, and they open the app even when they don’t have cash to spend purely for the voyeuristic pleasure of seeing who’s paying who for what. In 2014, it introduced the "Venmo Nearby" feature, letting users pay people around them without needing to be friends. And because Venmo becomes more useful as more friends join, its evangelical users make for rapid growth.

More than traditional marketing

Despite the importance of social media, few organizations understand how to get the most from it. This is because they are too blinkered by traditional approaches to marketing. Even those of us seeking to build our personal brand make the same mistake. We fall into the trap of treating social media as buy followers twitter just another marketing channel. The problem is a simple one. People use social media to broadcast their messages rather than engage with their audience. This is because the approaches of the past still influence their thinking.