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Who is Winning at the Game of Marketing? Email vs Social Media Stats

People have been arguing/debating over the value of these 2 for some time now. Because of this constant debate, we decided to put some perspective into the argument. Let the how do you buy instagram followers numbers decide. If you are a smart marketer, you will follow the data. You can still try out new stuff before you have the data, it’s OK to experiment, but it’s even better to make sure you have overview over some of the most popular marketing channels out there. Instead of choosing sides, we are going to provide you with some interesting statistics and let you decide which one is winning at the game of marketing: email or social media.

social media

Social Media Benchmark Statistics: How are You Doing

Sometimes it is hard to tell how your social media activity stacks up. Are you more active -- or less active -- than your peers? Is your target audience likely to be using certain social media over other social media -- say LinkedIn versus video? Are you taking the right steps to build your presence how to buy real instagram followers online, or would you get better results if you adjusted your steps? This list of social media benchmarks may trigger some ideas to answer those and other questions: Surprised by any of these numbers? Remember, these are not hard and fast rules -- just interesting statistics that may help guide the direction of your social media activities. For additional background, please also see these Community articles about social media:

Stats Brands Should Know About Online Video

This is the first installment in our Video Upfront series, an inside look at the 2013 online video market for brands and agencies. It is brought to you by Celtra, the industry leader for rich media mobile ad serving and analytics. buy instagram real followers Web video is seeing massive growth. Watching video online has gone from a niche activity to mainstream. With new devices, video everywhere has become a reality. The implications of online video’s growth for the digital advertising industry are huge. Sight, sound and motion is of utmost importance to brand advertisers. It can pull on heartstrings and entertain people the way banners have never been able to do. That’s led to Web video ads being the bright spot in an otherwise tough market for publishers. The big question is whether the growth in inventory will continue that trend.