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Setting (and Achieving) Social Media Goals

"There's nothing worse than simply hooking up your buy instagram followers free trial feed to your Facebook page," offers Griffith. "If people follow you on both channels - and many will - then they'll just see exactly the same thing multiple times and you're missing an opportunity to engage them in different ways. There's no exact science and some channels will better suit some games than others, but it's important that you think about where your potential players are hanging out and where they're most likely to want to get their information about your game.

Social Media Goals

Determine what matters making social media measurable.

It may be nice to know how many favorites your Tweets receive each month, but that’s not a very useful metric when it comes to proving that social media is valuable for your company. While it’s fine to look at buy followers on instagram cheap vanity metrics to make sure you’re on track, they aren’t enough to show your CMO that social marketing is having a tangible impact. Take a look at metrics like your follower growth rate, how many leads you’re generating, and levels of engagement. Need help deciding what really matters? Check out our beginner’s guide to making social media measurable.

Audit your social accounts.

If you’re not already tracking your weekly or monthly progress on social media, buy instagram followers fast delivery it’s time to choose an analytics tool and get started. Looking at how you’ve performed in the past can give you insight into which areas need improvement and help you set a benchmark for future performance.

Analyze your competitors.

Take some time to peruse your competitors’ social profiles. Note what they’re doing well or poorly, and take a look at their metrics as well. Of course you won’t be able to see all your competitors’ data, but tracking their top posts or their follower growth over time can give you a goal to beat. Tools like TrackMaven give youbuy instagram real followers in-depth insight into your competitors’ online presences, but you can easily learn the basics just by checking out their profiles.Based on your past performance and your competitors’ performance, it’s time to set some reasonable—but still ambitious—goals for your brand.